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Very good car to drive for new pupils   ~   Air conditioned


Dual controls   ~   Cruise control (but not yet!)



'True to his namesake, John Driver got me from repeat staller to competent driver in no time.  Patient, calm and always encouraging, John helped me progress from absolute beginner to passing the test in 8 days'


George Symmonds

Covering DORKING, REIGATE AND LEATHERHEAD  and all the villages in between

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If you complete a series of Pass Plus driving lessons from Driver's School you could qualify for a reduction in your car insurance because many insurance companies recognise the practical experience gained from a Pass Plus driving

course which includes:


• Night driving

• Motorway driving

• Dual carriageway driving

• All weather driving

• Town driving

• Out of town driving


There is no test! Just a continual assessment by me during the Pass Plus lessons.

new car 2016 with john 2016 L board on top